The World’s First Adult Entertainment Site Powered by Blockchain Technology

Airporn is the ethereum based solution to many problems in the porn industry.

ICO is finished

Thanks for your support! Unfortunately, our ICO failed to reach the our goal, we will release an announcement later today and issue a refund this week.

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  • The crowdsale starts from Aug 14, 2017 00:00:00, and ends on Nov 13, 2017 23:59:59.

airporn is the market place for porn powered by blockchain technology

Airporn provides an anonymous way to sell and purchase high quality porn videos. Airporn solves the most critical reason — privacy — that prevents people from sharing and purchasing private videos with the power of cryptocurrencies.

Smart contract enforced revenue sharing

All transactions occurred on Airporn platform are executed through the transfer of XXX tokens. Tokens are paid to a smart contract powered by the Ethereum platform, with a dividend to both Airporn and video producers. The dividend ratio is agreed between the video producers and Airporn on initial signup and enforced by smart contract.

Powered by ERC20 token and smart contract

Airporn is based on cryptocurrencies, so it’s anonymous by nature. All the revenue share are enforced by smart contract, so it’s absolutely fair and transparent.


Airporn introduced the pay-per-play model to encourage the content creation. By paying the producers XXX token, they will be incentivized to create more high-quality contents.

For End Users


We will not ask users to register, and we will only accept XXX tokens, so you never have to worry about your personal info being leaked.

No ads

Since you paid a few tokens for each video you watch, you don’t have to see or click any ads at all.

High Quality and Accessibility

Users can access to high-quality videos on Airporn because the producers are paid properly to produce one, and therefore Airporn will have the most complete porn collection in the world.

For Content Producers


Produce videos and get paid without giving out your true identity, payment is received with crypto currencies (XXX Tokens), and can be converted to fiat through major exchanges.

Get Paid Faster

Video producers can earn tokens when viewers pay tokens to watch, and they also get paid faster since they can trade tokens anytime at exchanges.


All payment and profit sharing records are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, which is publicly visible and auditable.


The Ethereum raised in Airporn’s crowdsale will allow us accomplish a few things.
One portion of the Ethereum will go towards finalizing the platform. Another portion of the Ethereum will go towards improving the content of the platform. The rest of the Ethereum will be used for operating expenses.
Please see timeline below for goals and milestones.

2017 Q1 User research

Market research and assessing technical and business feasibility.

2017 Q2 Crowdsale Preparation

Crowdsale preparation (contract development, website design).

2017 Q3 Crowdsale Start

Crowdsale and Token distribution

2017 Q4 - 2018 Q3 Platform Development

Hiring and platform development.
Develop and tuning on-demand streaming.
Focus on the scalability and performance, reducing latency and rebuffering of the platform.
Develop the smart contract for revenue sharing.
Develop the wallet in platform for people to deposit XXX tokens.
Implement industry security standard.
The UI/UX and the website of the platform.
Develop video management including uploading, sharing, tagging, categorizing, etc.

2018 Q1

Cooperate with amateur adult video producers sourced from social network, e.g. Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Close partnerships with three influential adult entertainment stars and producers.

2018 Q2 Beta Release

Start beta testing (for token owners only).
Content gathering and signing deals with well-known adult video producers.

2018 Q3, Q4 Official launch & Marketing

Official launch of the platform to everyone owning XXX tokens.
Listing XXX on major exchanges.
Become the largest platform for amateur adult video producers.

2019 Q1 Focus on professional porn stars and producers

Close partnerships with five influential adult entertainment stars and producers.

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